Day 1 & 2 of the June Challenge

June 2nd 2013   Filed under Beach, Uncategorized, Workout - Posted At: 8:34 pm

So starting off my challenge my before picture, fit test and measurements are here. I also completed the Boarding School Workout and the Burpee Challenge. The Boarding School Workout out is 10 Squats, 10 Bicycle Crunches, 10 Lying Leg Lifts, 15 Standing Calf Raises, and 10 Tricep Dips. Do this 3 times for a full workout. Then, add in the 5 Burpees to complete the challenge.

Yesterday I went to the beach and had a great time with to good friends from High School. We left at 9:15am and arrived after a couple detours and a dumb GPS, we arrived at 11am. We then laid on the beach until 1:30pm and attempted to go into the water but it was freezing! After the beach we put the cooler and blankets in the car and walked on the boardwalk while eating some Curly fries. Then, we went to the movies and saw the Hangover Part 3. We were a little skeptical about the movie because we heard a lot of bad reviews. I honestly liked the movie! After the movie, we stopped at Applebee’s for dinner and had some drinks. I had two drinks which were
Orange Dream Martini and Applebee's Gold Margarita

I haven’t quite started tonights workout but I will before the nights over!

Back at School

January 14th 2013   Filed under Uncategorized - Posted At: 11:31 pm

Well here I am, back at school. Back to crazy schedules, lots of work, and then finding time to hang out with friends and all.

Today, luckily, I only had one class that was Human Biology. Doesn’t seem too shabby. Tomorrow I have Accounting 2, Economics, and Business Statistics.

Tonight, I exercised and am soooo tired. I think I am going to go read off my kindle until I can no longer keep my eye lids open.

I Miss Blogging

December 14th 2012   Filed under Uncategorized - Posted At: 2:16 pm

I really do miss blogging while I am at school, but I get caught up in all the fun and homework and just can’t seem to find anytime for it. Now that I have 18 credits over with, I am hoping to have more time since I have 16 credits this upcoming semester.
I know I keep saying this but I think I have decided on a workout blog. We will see what happens.

God Bless :)

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It’s Sunday

October 7th 2012   Filed under Uncategorized - Posted At: 4:30 pm

Sunday is one of the worst days of the week for me. It means to prepare for the work that needs to be done for the week. But for once, I used this weekend to my ability. I am done all my homework that is due on Monday and Tuesday. I have one more assignment that needs to be done and Wednesday will be done too. I’m so excited that I will have a stress free week. :)

I don’t have much to say but I am loving it here but I miss all my friends and family back home and cannot wait to go home for fall break. I also miss Tyler, who is 12 hours in Maine and I won’t see him until Christmas time but his mom tells me that we will have a reunion. I can’t wait for this either!

Short post today, maybe I will think out a better post for a later date but otherwise, Toodles!

No Tabata Bootcamp Tonight

August 13th 2012   Filed under Uncategorized - Posted At: 5:30 pm

Oh my! What will I do with myself today, Wednesday, and Thursday this week without Tabata! My instructor is on vacation, funny thing is she left us homework for us to do this week since we will not be meeting.

Tabata Bootcamp is a HIIT Workout (High-Intensity Interval Training). Basically it’s strength training, we work on our lower, upper and core parts of our bodies at each session. The sessions I attend are for all levels. We have quite a few seniors who attend. Our instructor usually does two or three variations (Easy through Hard). Choose the one that fits you best and just give it your all for 40, 30, or 20 seconds (Depending which one you choose). The way our instrcutor sets it up is nice and organized even though everybody may be doing something different. She’s amazing!

College is just around the corner. We went to Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and Staples for school/dorm supplies. I’m so happy we bought a memory foam pad, mattress pad, comforter cover, desk lamp, under the bed collapsible shoe storage and some other odds and ends. I’m excited about going but I’m also very scared. It’s a whole new environment for me but I’m sure I’ll be fine. It’s just those “First Day Jitters”. :)

Go Team USA

August 4th 2012   Filed under Uncategorized - Posted At: 10:33 am

Alls that is on TV right now is the London Olympics. My mom has it on the TV all day, even though more than half of the time shes not even in the room. I gotta say I like watching certain events like the gymnastics portion, the swimming races, tennis matches, and a few others. But I don’t work my life around it, I just watch it when and if I have time to.

I’m glad that Phelps and Gabby won Gold medals. I gotta say I was rooting for both of them to win. I just watched Selena Williams win the Gold for tennis. It’s pretty interesting.

Do you watch the Olympics? If so, what are you favorite events? Favorite athletes?

I hope everyone is having a good summer! :)

Mood: Excited

July 14th 2012   Filed under Uncategorized - Posted At: 4:01 pm

I’m excited about life. My life finally feels like it’s in my hands. I have a credit card, a job, going away to school, getting back into living a fit lifestyle. I’m just so happy how it took 2 weeks for me to go crazy and decide crazy things to make me be and feel like a better person.

Let me explain. Since October, I became best friends with my mom’s best friends son. We’re inseparable. But at the end of June, he left to visit his new school and his father in Maine. I thought I was going to die. He was the only person I hung out with. Well, 3 days before he left we got into a small argument and that’s when everything clicked. We were dependent on each other which isn’t good. That fight and time away made us realize that we can’t depend on each other to live our own lives. We’re still best friends but I think we both realized we don’t need to be with each other 24/7.

While he was away, I joined a Fitness Center close by. I had no idea what I got into but the soreness made me feel great! I want to run a marathon. I think that would be a great accomplishment and milestone for my life. Of course, I’m going to work up to it. I think I’m going to sign up for a couple 5K’s (3.1miles) and just keep working up until I’ll be able to run a healthy marathon. It’ll probably take years but will be totally worth it, in the end.

On Tuesday, I did a Beginner Pilates youtube video, and I did a 1.5 mile run yesterday. Getting back into the groove is hard but I have to keep my motivation up!

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Heat Wave: Day 8

July 6th 2012   Filed under Uncategorized - Posted At: 1:40 pm

Here in South Jersey, we got hit by a “super Derecho” (I hope I spelled that right!). I slept through the storm but the next following days were not fun. We apparently lost our electric Saturday at 12:48am and did not get it back until Tuesday at 2:50pm. I think I counted 86 hours of no electric in this heat wave we are having. We borrowed my uncles generator and living in the country we have well water which requires electric to pump water. We had no water. Luckily my uncle and other friends and family all helped out each other. Some didn’t have electric and still was helping. We pulled through and I think everyone in my town has FINALLY gotten there electric back today.

I also have to give props to the electric companies that came in from all over to give us our electric back. A lot of people were complaining about the heat but these guys were out on the road for 16 hours working in the heat to get the electric back for us. Thank you!

My working out thing was suppose to start July 1st but without electric, it didn’t start out well but I’m still going strong. I did an hour of Tabata Bootcamp last night and I think that’s all I did this week but I am going to try to add something each week. All in all, it might be a great start anyway! Gotta stay positive to keep it up!

I also made a little Ipad case. It’s the Samsung Galaxy but I just call it my Ipad anyway. A lot easier to say and everyone knows what it is too.

Here are the pictures of the case I made. :)


What I Really Don’t Like

June 27th 2012   Filed under Uncategorized - Posted At: 7:33 pm

I really don’t like how my blog is set up. I want to change it but I have no imagination at the moment. Eventually I will get around to it, I suppose. I have to be in the mood to change it… and it seems like I never am. I want my blog to have a specific topic. I’m thinking about having a Fitness Blog and then an everyday blog. Hmmmm, this is a tough decision. I’ll figure something out and SOON!

I have tons of ideas written down but I never get around to doing them.

Do you ever think of things you want or need to do and never get around to doing them or forget?

It’s been awhile

March 24th 2012   Filed under Uncategorized - Posted At: 5:43 pm

Yes, I know, it has been awhile. Trying to juggle friends and school is hard enough then add work to it. I said I was going to tell you about my classes since it’s past mid-term, it’s probably the best time to tell you how they are instead of a week into it.

Business Law I- This is an online course and the teacher has given me 100′s on EVERYTHING. I love it. I’m still trying my hardest on assignments even though I know if I complete it, I’ll get a 100. I don’t want that mindset because if she has a bad day, she could easily say it may not be ‘A’ work. I love this online class, I’m learning about law, I feel like I’m at Harvard and it’s fun. We have discussions about different things to make the class feel as if we are having a discussion in a classroom setting.

Intermediate Accounting II- This class is a run off of Intermediate Accounting I and with the same professor who is only 29 years old and isn’t a very good professor. He uses his power in the wrong way. If I were to ask a question, he gets mad and then reiterates what he just talked about but never directly answers your question. Most of the time he’ll give us homework then when we go over it he doesn’t even understand some of it and says “This is the answer, it’s what the book has.”

Strategic Management- I also don’t like this professor, the longest class he’s had was 20 minutes. He gives really hard take home tests and these case assignments but the format he gave for them to be in is different then what he wants. It’s annoying.

Cost Accounting I- This class is with the Intermediate Accounting II teacher so you already know why I don’t like this class. The assignments are somewhat easier but he gave a take home test and the email and test said “Due: No later than March 28″ then this past Monday he says “Sorry it was a typo it’s due in 2 days.” I was sooooo mad and totally not fair. He acts like we all only have one class in the whole semester.

Federal Taxation- This in a one-on-one class with the professor and is quite easy. We read from the book, he gives super easy tests and we talk about taxes and stuff. We do hands-on things you wouldn’t be able to do in a classroom setting.

My car finally got it’s new axles that it needs and now it needs new tires. Love my car so much… not. As soon as I get something fixed, something else breaks.

I also met a boy. :P He’s super nice and his best friend is attempting to get with me and he’s creepy about it. But this boy is complicated. Our mom’s are good friends “Ut-oh” and they kind of already told us the rules “No dating”. We don’t care though, if we want to date we will but as of right now we are just going to be friends. I think it’s better that way anyway. We hang out all the time and he’s really nice and we do lots of different things. Yesterday we went for a bike ride and he invited my sister. It was a lot of fun.


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